Bee Pollen – A Super Food

Fight Fatigue, Weight Gain, Allergies and Frequent Colds and Flu


Bee Pollen, an ancient natural food for and from honeybees that pre-dates humans by 50 million years contains micro-nutrition directly from the blooming blossoms of nutritious plants that can increase energy, promote weight loss and reduce allergies and susceptibility to frequent colds.

Bee Pollen is readily available for absorption. Therefore, as a source of nutrition for human consumption, Bee Pollen has the dual benefit of concentrated, broad spectrum nutrients without the need for the body’s work to break down and digest. The result is optimum energy input, without expenditure.

As little as one teaspoon of Bee Pollen taken daily can bring a lift to energy levels, balance the body’s metabolic rhythm and increase immunity to environmental stresses. Hivemind Bee Pollen is available in many local, independent natural food stores and online at Hive Mind Pollen distributes high quality fresh, local bee pollen sourced from California Apiaries.

As published in Wellness on Wheels Newsletter — Holiday 2015