Gigi DeSouki – Founder & CEO

Gigi DeSouki has a strong background in Health Care Management, with over thirty five years of experience in various areas of domestic and international health care delivery systems. She holds a Bachelors of Science in Human Development and Social Policy from Northwestern University and a Masters in Health Services Administration from George Washington University.

Gigi DeSouki began this program in 1996 in recognition of the growing need for health maintenance and prevention as a focus in the health care system. Her commitment to, and knowledge of both traditional medicine and integrative medicine as adjunct practices meeting the needs of today’s family, has gained her the respect and trust of her client base and the medical community. Her years of management experience within various arenas of the health care delivery systems gave her the foundation to create a more comprehensive health care management approach for her clients and families. Through the knowledge and expertise of her growing professional team, she provides support, comfort and advocacy. Her role as a consultant to clients, allows her to create a plan of care for clients and their families that is tailored to their clinical, financial and psychosocial needs.