News From Spring 2022

Spring is Finally Here!

Greetings from the Hollywood Hills- where the flowers are in bloom, the  artists thrive and the coyotes run free. How lucky we are to have survived this long ordeal of COVID-19 restrictions and sadness of losing loved ones and patients.


Recovering from the COVID Pandemic

While this virus still haunts us daily, Wellness on Wheels and its team is slowly recovering from the shut- down. We are building new and exciting alliances in the community to bring you both resources and innovation in healthcare delivery.


New Developments

Over the past few months, we successfully developed a more comprehensive team approach to care coordination. Here are a few things that we have been working on: 

  1. Our team has now been enhanced by a community compounding Pharmacy that delivers to your door.
  2. We have been working with an amazing orthopedic surgeon who is world renowned in his cutting edge robotic surgeries and PRP (platelet-rich plasma) treatments.
  3. We now have a world-class chiropractor providing hyperbaric oxygen treatment.
  4. We’ve added a fully vaccinated housekeeping team to ensure that our compromised clients feel safe in their own homes.

Stay tuned for more information on these services in the coming weeks! 

Free Telephone Consultation

I continue to offer and provide a free one-hour telephone consultation to families where I review a care plan addressing the status of their loved ones needs. I help create a seamless plan that also includes the providers of service needed and a cost analysis of the care so that the decisions can be made swiftly and with a clear strategy for short and long term needs. Each case is very unique. Many of my clients are in crisis mode and cannot manage the immediate chaos at hand. I help bring a sense of calm and together we create a list of to dos that they can manage and a way that I can assist on an ongoing basis. As a Care Coordinator, I keep my fees at a fair price and have a sliding scale to accommodate families whose finances are tight.


Access to More Hospitals, Physicians, and Healthcare Providers

Our referral base has grown to include more hospitals and individual physicians who appreciate the attentiveness and the timeliness our team offers in expediting their orders. We treat each patient as we would our own family. Whether it’s an individual practitioner or associated agency, our approach is consistent. We pride ourselves in working as a team where the communication between the members involved in a care plan is fluid and ongoing.


Featured Therapist: Nico Capurro

I am honored to highlight one of my top movement therapists, Nico Capurro. He has been a life saver to me personally and many of our clients. Nico has helped me with keeping my strength and stamina in check during our weekly sessions. For the first time in my life I am able to do real push-ups. Imagine my surprise when I reached 4 sets of eight push-ups. It took many months but I did it. Nico’s story as an Argentinian immigrant is beautiful as he has dedicated his career to helping people live their best life regardless of their dis-ability.

Nico Capurro Certified Personal Trainer

Nico Capurro


Wellness on wheels is now offering telehealth services to the community to help increase the accessibility to safe and affordable care services in Los Angeles county and to other parts of the country. Connecting our network of skilled practitioners to where they are needed.

For more information about our telehealth services feel free to send us an email, or contact us.

As published in Wellness on Wheels Newsletter by Gigi DeSouki, MHA

Gigi DeSouki has a strong background in Health Care Management, with over thirty five years of experience in various areas of domestic and international health care delivery systems. She holds a Bachelors of Science in Human Development and Social Policy from Northwestern University and a Masters in Health Services Administration from George Washington University.

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