Senior Placement Services

We assess and identify our client’s need for assisted living outside the home. We create a client profile for you based on your physical capabilities and social interests. In addition, we take into account your medical needs, budget and personal family needs.

First, we identify options for placement such as Independent Retirement Communities, Assisted Living Communities, Alzheimer’s & Memory Care Communities. Independent Living Communities are designed for seniors who are active, healthy and able to live without assistance. They generally consists of homes, condominiums, town houses, or apartments where residents maintain an independent lifestyle.  A memory care community is a residential care facility designed specifically to meet the needs of people who have Alzheimer’s disease or other dementia.

Our team will assist you with Short term Respite Care and short term placement. We help you locate facilities for post hospitalization and rehabilitation. And we assist you relocate to another town or city.  Wellness on Wheels will escort your families to your new community. In addition, we facilitate logistics. For instance, we handle move-in requirements, community contracts, medical forms and scheduling.

Finally, we provide continued support to you and your family during the transition to a new community.