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Chef Claudine Marshall

Chef Claudine MarshallBorn and raised in Paris, France, Claudine Marshall embarked on her American journey in the 1970’s. She had been dreaming of the United States ever since she was a little girl and had no idea what a cultural shock it would be when she moved to Boston while expecting her first child, after receiving her Master of Psychology from La Sorbonne.

In Boston, she found herself exploring the City for a week to find leeks at an Italian market, and walking endlessly to discover the Brazilian town. The City was quite an experience, and it was there that she realized she had a future in the culinary arts. From that point forward, following her corporate career-driven husband, she discovered in Holland that France was not the only country producing cheese; she learned how to prepare manioc and serve papayas and mangoes with shrimp in Senegal and the Ivory Coast; and she mastered tagines and couscous in Morocco. While in England, she made French pâtés and apple tarts, and when she made it back to Paris, she befriended an Indian chef who taught her the secrets of garam masala and ginger.

Chef Claudine MarshallAfter so many years of traveling around the world, Claudine found herself back on the East Coast in New York. At that time, she opened “Le Radis Blanc,” a small French bistro which quickly became the local cantina. Through the restaurant she had the opportunity to befriend amazing French chefs who shared the secrets of foie gras, confit, and soufflés. When her grown children moved to the West Coast twelve years ago to pursue their own careers, she followed them. From The Belvedere at the Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills to the giant kitchens of residential dining at California State University, Northridge, Claudine kept developing her culinary skills and sharing her passion for food, entertaining, and events.

She now runs, a Private Chef and Catering Company and serves as the Chief Culinary Director for Wellness on Wheels, Inc. If you have no time to cook, she will stock your refrigerator and freezer with ready-to-eat goodies for a week. If you have children, she will prepare organic baby food and tailor menus to your children’s ages and tastes. If you need to lose weight, she will create special dishes that will help you through your journey. If you have special dietary needs (diabetic, no salt, gluten free…), she is here for you with the support and guidance of a great dietician. If you are entertaining a small group or a crowd and don’t know where to start; have unexpected clients to impress; are opening a new store; or want to throw a memorable baby shower, birthday party, or international dinner—whatever your needs—Chef Claudine and her team does it all: planning, shopping, cooking, and clean-up!