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Nico Capurro, CPT

Nico is a nationally certified personal trainer and massage therapist with over 16 years of experience in Kinesiology/ restorative exercise and physique competition.

As an award winning male physique competitor, he has worked with both young and senior patients allowing them to reach their optimum health and achieve results in a reasonable time frame.

As one of the lead therapist for Wellness on Wheels, Nico has had extensive experience working with patients afflicted with many neuro-muscular conditions and disabilities such as: Parkinson’s, Stroke, Alzheimers, MS, neuropathy, paraplegia and quadriplegia. He has trained clients with a variety of mental disorders and addictions using exercise as part of their rehabilitation journey. He has also worked with children as young as nine years of age with both physical and autism spectrum issues.

Nico’s achievements have included assisting famous athletes recover from serious injuries, helping models achieve their photo shoot ready look and training clients for professional physique competitions. He has worked with celebrities like Dick Clark and Robert Mendon as well as famous coaches to elite US Olympic sports competitors.

Nico’s philosophy is that in order to create an action plan, you have to get to know each individual and understand their story. Whether you are/were a musician, tennis player, engineer or even a dancer; he uses your body’s language to help you connect to the particular movement. Even if you cannot share your story as some of his clients are non-verbal, he can still observe and listen to the body’s musculature and adjust the movements accordingly. He is passionate and compassionate as I can attest to his dedication to his art. Movement therapy is truly as an art where you are creating a unique dance with each of your clients.

When asked, Nico would say that he treats each client as he would his own mother. He doesn’t look at someone’s limitations but their ability to overcome that vision with his gentle guidance. Whether you want to feel younger and more flexible or have to learn to walk again, Nico is there for you. Sessions can also be designed for you virtually if distance and finances are limited. Spring specials are now available- Call now to book your in-person or virtual session.