Unveiling Beachwood’s Hidden Gem: Gigi DeSouki’s Lifesaving Services

Article by Missy Kelly (reprinted)

I often describe living in Beachwood Canyon as a place where every shade of humanity lives harmoniously. To that end, it is also a place where neighbors become friends.

On March 11, I experienced an accident that required hospitalization for 16 days. When it became time to leave, my friend Fran and I discussed how I would manage alone with the physical limitations imposed by the injuries. Almost at the same time, we both remembered (and you should too) Gigi DeSouki at Wellness on Wheels!

Gigi jumped into action. She saved my life with her knowledge of the morass that is insurance, figuring out what kind of assistance I needed, referring me to the correct agencies to obtain it, and following up daily on my progress. I didn’t realize what a godsend she was until something happened to me. She’s making my recovery as easy as can be!

Gigi Desouki

Gigi has lived in Beachwood for almost twenty years and offers a free healthcare coordination and management phone consultation. She specializes in senior care. You probably have seen Gigi in Beachwood Market, walking in the Village, or on Beachwood. She is your neighbor and will treat you like a friend!

This article appears in the April 2024 edition of the Beachwood Canyon Neighborhood Association Newsletter. 1920 Cheremoya Av #201, Los Angeles, CA 90068





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