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News From Summer 2021

Serving Patients Through the COVID Pandemic While it has been a rough year and half since the pandemic shutdown, Wellness on Wheels is coming back strong. We are looking at our gains
Coronavirus under microscope corona virus

Corona Virus Impacts Patients & Healthcare Workers

We have a video series of educational tutorials through a private membership Facebook group for stress management, nutrition, healthy cooking, exercise and other self-care techniques. Some of our services such as movement therapy and clinical consultations for nutrition, supplements, herbs, meditation, guided imagery, Tai Chi, and Yoga are available virtually.
Tai Chi and Qigong

5 Benefits of Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a very comprehensive and effective form of mental and nervous system training. It is an accessible form of low impact aerobic exercise suitable for all ages and fitness levels.
Asian Bodywork

What is Asian Bodywork Therapy?

Asian Bodywork Therapy is noninvasive and does not require the use of needles, which is the ideal therapy for children and those who are apprehensive about receiving acupuncture treatments.

Meditation Tools for Holiday Stress

Holidays trigger challenging emotions including anxiety, anger and depression. Meditation stops negative thought patterns that cause emotional turmoil, strained relationships and disease.
Nutrition and Diet

Spring Cleaning for Your Body

Spring is an ideal time to detoxify your body, according to ancient healing traditions. Traditional Chinese medicine recommends springtime as the ideal season to detox your body.
Holiday Stress

Tools for Holiday Stress

The holidays can trigger a veritable plethora of emotions including anxiety and depression. For many reasons such as distance or illness not all of us can spend quality time with our loved ones for the holidays.